With tax law always evolving, it can feel overwhelming to keep up with it all yourself.

Tax Services

With all its complexity, you could spend all your valuable time trying to stay in compliance with constantly changing tax laws in an attempt to stay ahead of your tax obligations. Since our highly trained experts also practice in the specialty area of advanced tax problem resolution, we are uniquely qualified to prepare tax returns and assist you in meeing and planning for all your tax obligations. This is one area that you cannot afford to neglect or it can cause such costly fines and penalties tha it can force you out of busienss. Some of the tax services we provide include:

Individual Tax Returns (1040)

Partnership Returns (1065)

C-Corporation Returns (1120)

S-Corporation Returns (1120S)

Non-Profit (990 Series)

Trust, Fiduciary (1041)

Sales Tax Returns, Multi-Jurisdiction

SALT service (State and Local Tax)

HOA Returns (1120H)

Comprehensive Tax Planning

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