Accountant Services

Tax Edge, Inc. provides a wide range of services to assist accountants. We can help you no matter if you are a seasoned tax representative or if you are new to tax resolution services. You may be wanting to add resolution services to help your clients, but unsure how to properly represent them or lack the experience, but we have the solution for you.

We are most sucessful when we help our accountant partners achieve their own success and we take great pride helping accountants achieve their business and personal financial goals in this lucrative industry with our help. Most importantly, we understand that your client comes first, and you want to know they are taken care of. We help provide accountants and their clients with two precious things - peace of mind, and more time!

Consulting Services

For the accountant that just needs a little assistance one-on-one for questions they have regarding a client or case, or some assistance with other technical questions that relate to the newly emerging industry niche of Tax Resolution or even assistance and consulting with Tax Return Preparation if desired.

Wholesale Backroom Services

For the busy tax professional that wants to get started in the lucrative industry of Tax Resolution, but does not have the experience to do all of the work. We can help to do some of the service such as form preparation and send it back to you ready to be signed by the client and sent to the IRS. This will free up your time and resources and allow you to still make a profit while representing your client.

Wholesale Full Service

If you are a busy tax professional wanting to take advantage of the upcoming boom in IRS cases and grow your revenue by representing clients without devoting resources to work the case, we can assist you by fully handling the case and allow you to free up your time. You can then earn profit and grow your practice by allowing you to represent clients in the growing industry of Tax Resolution simply by meeting with them and allowing us to handle the legwork of working the case for you.